Welcome to Grade 12 DP Biology - Topic 6 & HL 11: Human Health and Physiology

We will use this wiki to keep track of homework and assignments. The dates below indicate what is due BEFORE class on that day.

Fri 2 Dec Day 2: (SAISA) Read and Study Tiger 203-209

Mon 5 Dec Day 3: (SAISA) Workbook 78-80; IB Notes and Learn 6.1

Wed 7 Dec: Read and Study Tiger 210-216; IB Notes and Learn 6.2 using the Study Guide as a guide for drawing and labeling.

Thu 8 Dec Day 1: Workbook 118-124

Fri 9 Dec Day 2: Workbook 125-127 (may need a glance back through pages not studied to complete)

Mon 12 Dec Day 3: Read and Study Tiger 228-232; IB Notes and Learn 6.4

Wed 14 Dec: Workbook 86, 92-94

Thu 15 Dec Day 1: Workbook 95-102 (concepts as appropriate-data analysis is always appropriate!), Digestion, transport, gas exchange quiz

Fri 16 Dec Day 2:

December Break: A Full Review of IB DP Biology! Systematically review through the syllabus, your notes, the study guide, past tests...topic by topic!

Tue 10 Jan Day 3: Read and Study Tiger 217-227, also notice HL only material for HL students... Notes and learn 6.3. Workbook129-132, 135, 147-148.

Wed 11 Jan: Review and learn again 6.3 as above. Take a look at the short videos linked on the resources page. HL look ahead and start on 11.1 when you are comfortable with 6.3

Fri 13 Jan: HL Notes and learn 11.1

Mon 16 Jan Day 4: Read and Study Tiger 240-246; Workbook 184-185; Notes and learn 6.5.1 - 6.5.6

Tue 17 Jan Day 1: Review Nerves and look ahead at Wed HW.

Wed 18 Jan: Read and Study Tiger 247-252; Workbook 35-6, 50, 56, Notes and learn 6.5.7 - 6.5.12

Fri 20 Jan Day 1: Review!!! Trial/Mock Exams Next Week

Tue Jan 31 Day 3: Emailed Mock Exam Corrections Paper 1 What-Why-How. See the Test Corrections Rubric.pdf

Wed 1 Feb: Emailed Mock Exam Corrections Paper 3 What-Why-How. Use the same rubric as for Paper 1 linked above.

Fri Feb 3 Day 4: Emailed Mock Exam Corrections Paper 2 Section A What-Why-How. Use the same rubric as for Paper 1 linked above (not yet Section B).

Wed 8 Feb: Emailed Mock Exam Corrections Paper 2 Section B. Write complete answers for all of the possible essay questions, even if you recieved full credit for it (perfect/improve it further). Give a skeleton plan for any of the questions that require an essay type response (command terms of Explain, Outline, Discuss, Describe, Compare,...). For drawing type questions, give a short skeleton of what you need to remember in partical. These are the skeletons that you will want to use to remember how to answer these concepts on the exams in May.

9-29 Feb: Internal Assessment work

Thu 1 Mar: HL Read and Study Tiger 253-258

Fri 2 Mar: HL Workbook 217-220; IB Notes and Learn 11.2.1-11.2.4

Thu 8 Mar Day2: HL Workbook 221-223; IB Notes and Learn 11.2.5-11.2.8;
Muscle contraction animation; Actin-Myosin Animation Detailed Animation

Fri 9 Mar Day 3: HL Read Tiger 253-258 (muscles) & 233-239 (kidneys)

Tue 12 Mar Day 1: Workbook 162-168 as relevant - use syllabus

Wed 13 Mar: HL Notes and Learn 11.3

Thu 14 Mar Day 2: Read Tiger 259-260; Workbook 235, 239; Notes and Learn 6.6.1

Fri 15 Mar Day 3: Read Tiger 261-262; Workbook 236-238

Tue 20 Mar Day 1: Notes and Learn (memorize and understand relationships including cause and effect and negative feedback) 6.6.2 to 6.6.3

Thu 22 Mar Day 2: Read Tiger 263-264; Notes and learn 6.6.4 to 6.6.6

Fri 23 Mar Day 3: Imagine you are a person who is considering to have a child by IVF for any reason (physiological, sexual orientation or personal decision). Inquire online for an IVF clinic of your choice and do the research required to make the decision and consider the different options and perhaps clinics available in a country of your choice. By doing this, you will learn more about IVF techniques as well as face the ethical considerations of IVF along with the options of sperm/egg banks and gamete selection. You may also take a look at other less biased such as government or health care sites such as the Mayo Clinic or more biased fertility business or religious sites to gain a balanced view. Come to class prepared to debate/discuss your position on IVF with others in the class.
Addional IA Decision: If you decide to do an additional experiment and report. Please discuss this and your plan with me before leaving school on Friday. It would be due on Monday the 2nd of April or 3rd at the very latest. Be very careful to balance your decision to do this with your stress, review and work commitments at this busy time!

Tue 27 Mar Day 1: HL Read and Study Tiger 265-267; IB Notes and Learn 11.4.1 to 11.4.8 (much to learn...work ahead and early).

Wed 28 Mar: HL Workbook 240-241; Read and Study Tiger 268-273

Thu 29 Mar: HL Workbook 242-249

Fri 30 Mar: HL IB Notes and Learn 11.4.9 to 11.4.15 - Done with Physiology - Physiology Test Wed-Thu next week

Wed 9 Apr: Test Corrections due for paper 1 and 2. Use Rubric in resources! What-Why-How for Paper 1 and Paper 2 Analysis and Short Answers. Full Answers from mark scheme for Long Answer/Essays showing quality of construction.